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Mark-World highlights assorted project designed and constructed and/or coded by Mark E Johnston simply because that is 'what I do'.    You may contact me using email to  mjstnpub2<atto>att<dot>net.    Please translate this where <atto> is of course @ and   <dot> is the classic 'period' character.  Please include the term  Mark-Toys in the subject line to assist me in knowing this is an actual query and not some sort of spam.  Thanks!

Mark-World is also presented as Mark-Toys.com in that many of these things are toys simply because they are so darn fun to create!

I hope to encourage others to be creative and make something of their own be it technical, artistic or musical.   Creativity is the other side of bordom and once people realize that and overcome the barrier of actually being motivated enough to be creative the world of creativity opens and bordom is put to rest. Try it ... you'll like it!

Besides this site that shows collection of odds and ends my efforts to be creative consist of countless other electronic, musical, and photographic sorts of efforts.    Below are some websites that highlight assorted interresting and in many cases different creative endevours of mine. 

I have worked designing numerous high tech devices in Silicon Valley. CA which utilize microprocessor and IO boards as well as embedded realtime software systems for video and microwave test instruments are mentioned on these pages.  This website is to highlight my efforts that are mostly on self motivated projects done on my own.

Other Websites Of Mine Focusing On Different Hobbies
Mark-Tunes.com        My music site where a large number of original  songs I have written, recorded and produced
are presented
Mark-Pics.com           My daytime nature photography of beautiful locations mostly in California
AstroPhotography       My nighttime astronomical photography of wonderful deep sky objects taken through telescopes of mine.
Astronomy                  My astronomy site documenting my extensive visual observations of the night skies in a large telescope.

So get out and create SOMETHING ... ANYTHING ...  You will be amazed how fun it is to entertain yourself with Creativity!

Mark  Johnston